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Just like On-page SEO, Off-page SEO is equally important. There are many techniques involved in Off-page and social bookmarking is one of them. There are many social bookmarking sites on the web. This article presents the 30+ best social bookmarking sites list.

I. What is social bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is a way in which people can add, manage, share, and search the bookmarks of webpages. It allows users to share bookmarks with the other users of the community by tagging a webpage. The bookmarks of webpages can be added on social bookmarking sites and can be accessed anytime. You can add bookmarks of your choice on social sites or can access bookmarks created by other users by searching them as per your choice. Social bookmarking is an important part of the Off-page SEO techniques. Submitting or adding website links on social bookmarking sites can benefit it a lot. Although these links are not considered as backlinks by Google, they can lead to increase the backlinks.

II. What are the benefits of social bookmarking in SEO?

When it comes to SEO, social bookmarking provides many advantages.

  1. It helps in increasing the brand awareness. Other users will come to know about your brand if you share bookmarks and other content on these sites. Your profile should be up to date.
  2. It helps in increasing the website traffic. If you regularly share your quality content on these sites then it would attract more visitors to your site.
  3. It helps in generating high quality backlinks for the website which helps in improving the page rank.
  4. It helps in increasing the followers. If you share valuable and useful content on social bookmarking sites, it will be appreciated by the users and they will start to follow you.
  5. It helps in the lead generation. If users like your content they would surely fill the sign up form on your website.
  6. It helps in promoting the website content.
  7. It helps in improving the domain authority (DA) of a site. If you add bookmarks of your webpages on high ranking social bookmarking sites, it will earn you a link juice from these sites and improve the domain authority of your website.

III. Best social bookmarking sites

There are many social bookmarking sites on the web but using all of then would not be a right thing to do. It is better to focus on quality rather than the quantity. Using low authority social sites would not do any good to your site. Earnings links from a high authority site is much more better than from a low authority site.

Following is the list of best social bookmarking sites.

1. Facebook

Alexa Rank: 3

Number of users: 2.38 billion monthly users

2. Twitter

Alexa Rank: 11

Number of users: 321 million monthly users

3. Pinterest

Alexa Rank: 69

Number of users: 265 million monthly users

4. Dribble

Alexa Rank: 863

Number of users: 0.4 million

5. Folkd

Alexa Rank: 50.2k

6. Reddit

Alexa Rank: 19

Number of users: 234 million

7. Delicious

Alexa Rank: 185k

Number of users: 5.3 million (in 2008)

8. StumbleUpon

Alexa Rank: 15.5k

Number of users: 25 Million

9. Quora

Alexa Rank: 77

Number of users: 300 million monthly users

10. Medium

Alexa Rank: 160

Number of users: 60 million monthly users

11. LinkedIn

Alexa Rank: 25

Number of users: 260 million

12. DZone

Alexa Rank: 2.83k

Number of users: 1.5 million


Alexa Rank: 76

Number of users: 23 million

14. LinkaGoGo

Alexa Rank: 177k

Number of users: 1.5 million

15. Pearltrees

Alexa Rank: 4.43k

16. CiteULike

Alexa Rank: 126k

17. Instapaper

Alexa Rank: 22.7k

18. Feedly

Alexa Rank: 453

Number of users: More than 3 million

19. SlideShare

Alexa Rank: 142

Number of users: 60 million monthly unique visitors

20. Diigo

Alexa Rank: 12.8k

21. Scoop.It

Alexa Rank: 4.60k

Number of users: More than 1 million

22. Trendiee

Alexa Rank: 174k

23. Slashdot

Alexa Rank: 5.04k

Number of users: More than 3 million

24. BizSugar

Alexa Rank: 205k

25. SocialBookmarkNow

Alexa Rank: 220k

26. TechDirt

Alexa Rank: 41.0k

27. Tracky

Alexa Rank: 177k

28. PiPiNews

Alexa Rank: 294k

29. Skybacklinks

Alexa Rank: 5.63k

30. Sitejot

Alexa Rank: 164k

31. MozyLink

Alexa Rank: 3.14k

32. BibSonomy

Alexa Rank: 57.4k

33. BookMarkBook

Alexa Rank: 5.63k

34. Zypid

Alexa Rank: 196k

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Using social bookmarking sites is a great way to improve the website’s SEO. The thing that is to be kept in mind is that only those social bookmarking sites should be used which are high quality. There is no use in spreading yourself thinly across many platforms.

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