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With the advent of Internet, it has become easy to make money online. Many people have changed their life by earning handsome amount on Internet. Google has provided excellent services like Adsense and Admob to reward the efforts of people who are regularly creating content for their blogs/websites or creating mobile applications.

I. What is Google Admob?

Admob is an advertising platform by Google for monetising their mobile applications.  Using Google Admob, app developers can easily earn money from their mobile apps with high quality ads. Developers can also promote their mobile apps through in-app ads. Also, Google Admob provides actionable insights and reporting features from Google Analytics for Firebase. Google Admob is available on Ios and android platforms. It also supports Unity and Cocos gaming engines.

II. What are the advantages of showing ads on mobile apps?

Showing ads on mobile apps offer the following advantages:

  1. A company can increase its revenue by developing high quality apps and showing ads on it.
  2. A company can reach more number of people with the help of in-app advertising. It’s a great way for a company to increase its customer base.
  3. Individual developers can increase their income by displaying ads on their mobile apps.
  4. A user can discover new apps and products/services with the help of ads.

III. What are the advantages of Admob?

Google Admob provides the following advantages.

  1. Google Admob works with millions of advertisers to compete for developer’s ad inventory which in turn helps a developer to earn more revenue from his/her app. A developer can set up, manage, and optimize multiple mobile ad networks with the help of AdMob’s mediation platform.
  2. Admob provides multiple currency support, high fill rates, and country level mediation.
  3. A developer has the freedom of choosing the right and best performing ad network for his/her desired location from more than 100 networks around the world. He/she can also choose the ad formats. Then an open bidding takes place where all the participating networks are simultaneously called and the developer’s ad sources bid for each ad spot making sure that he/she earns the highest CPM (cost per impression) for every impression.
  4. Using Google Admob, developers can directly fetch real time CPM data from the advertisers which help them in saving time, money, and avoiding expensive mistakes which in turn helps them in maximizing their revenue.
  5. As Google Admob has partnered with various top ad networks, it leads the developers to enjoy high fill-rates.
  6. Google Admob uses various ad formats which helps in increasing the user engagement and improving the user experience.
  7. Google Admob provides integration with Google Analytics for Firebase. It provides intelligent insights and reporting features that help developers to better understand the user interaction with the ads.
  8. Google Admob uses the automated tools to complete the tasks which save a lot of time of the developers.
  9. Google Admob provides freedom to developers to choose the right type of ads that they want to show on their apps. It follows strict advertising policies which helps a brand to be safe.

IV. What are the types of ad formats in Admob?

It provides the following ad formats:

  1. Rewarded ads: These are the ads with which users can engage for e.g. watch a video ad in order to earn bonus points or extra life in a game.
  2. Native ads: These ads look like as they are part of the app.
  3. Banner ads: These are the rectangular ads which show at the top and bottom of the app.
  4. Interstitial ads: These ads appear during the natural breaks and transition point in the app. These can be either static ads or video ads.

V. How does Admob works?

The advertisers who have to promote their apps or products/services create ads and pay for it to Google. Developers create the ad space in their apps and Admob shows the ads on the apps. Advertisers compete for the ad space in the app. Admob shows relevant ads to the app users ensuring the maximum revenue to the developer.

Developers can also send the incoming ad requests to multiple ad sources in order to find the best available ad sources to fill the requests. Admob makes sure to show the ads from highest paying networks in order to maximize the revenue. This feature is known as ad mediation.

Mediation makes use of mediation groups to maximize the revenue by ranking the ad sources based on their performance. Mediation groups are the combination of targeting settings that help to optimize the revenue generated by the ad units.

When a developer sends the ad requests from one of the ad units, Admob checks the ad request and compares it to the targeting settings of the mediation group. If the ad request matches the targeting of one of the groups then that group will fill the ad request by serving an ad from one of its included ad sources. In case, the ad group matches more than one mediation groups, the Admob uses the group priority to determine which the ad group to fill the request. If the ad group matches none then the request will automatically be filled by Admob (default) group.

VI. What is the payment system on Admob?

Admob follows a monthly payment cycle. All the estimated earnings are accrued over the course of a month. At the beginning of the following month, the earnings are posted to the balance on user’s Payment history. If user’s balance is more than the payment threshold and there are no payment holds then the user will be issued a payment on or around 21st of the month. All the eranings will be rolled over to next month if user’s current balance is less than the payment threshold.

The user has to select the payment option after the balance crosses the payment threshold. Also, the user has to submit his/her tax information and verify identity depending on his/her location.

VII. How to set up Google Admob account?

A Google account is needed in order to sign up for Admob. Google Adsense and Google Ads account is also needed because Admob uses these accounts to manage some of its features (payments, house ads, etc.)

After signing up on Admob, user needs to activate one or more ad unit IDs (unique identifier for the places in the app where ads are displayed). AdMob uses the Google Mobile Ads SDK which helps app developers gain insights about their users and maximize ad revenue.

Mobile Ads SDK for iOS:

Mobile Ads SDK for Android:

Mobile Ads SDK for Unity:

Mobile Ads SDK for Cocos:

VIII. What is the minimum payout requirement on Admob?

In order to get paid, the minimum earnings should be $100. If the earnings are less than $100, total earnings will be rolled over to the next month.

IX. How much revenue can be earned from Admob?

It depends upon the number of factors:

  1. Amount of earning depend on the revenue model an app developer is using. Earnings can be maximized by using in-app purchases.
  2. It depends on the amount of users using the app. More the number of users, more will be revenue.

App development companies like Balloon Island have created revenue of $2000 per day from Admob.

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Google Admob is an excellent opportunity for the app developers/companies to increase their revenue generation. If you are an app developer and have created an app then you should surely look forward to monetize it and earn revenue.

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