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With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is the hottest social media platform right now. Engagement on Instagram is 10 times more than the Facebook and 84 times more than the Twitter. If you want to promote your business, Instagram is clearly the best choice. It is perfect for both B2B (Business to business) and B2C (Business to customer) companies, whether big or small. Most of the brands are investing heavily in this channel.

In order to shine on Instagram (although it takes time), all you need is creativity and planning. But, most of the businesses struggle with what to post on Instagram. With already so much going on in the business, it is obvious to get overwhelmed and confused. So, this post will ease your pain of finding the content ideas. You can find the list of 100+ Instagram post ideas below.

Why To Use Instagram?

  1. Brand awareness: It is a huge platform and has a wide audience. So, it’s the perfect platform to make your brand visible to the world.
  2. Customer delight: You can connect with your existing customers, engage with them, address their complaints and answer their queries.
  3. Selling: You can easily sell your services and products on Instagram. The shoppable post feature on Instagram allows you to add tags to the products in photos with links that leads users to your online store.
  4. Advertising: You can easily run ads on Instagram to increase awareness about your business, generate leads or sell your products/services.
  5. Competitor analysis: You can keep track of your competitors, and redefine your strategy according to what’s working best in the present time.
  6. Networking: Instagram is a solid platform to build your network. You can connect with like-minded people, your ideal clients, influencers, and also your competitors.
  7. Attracting clients: Posting useful and informative content on Instagram can help you a great deal in attracting new clients.
  8. Attracting talent: If you are looking to hire candidates for your business, Instagram (besides LinkedIn) can also help you a lot there. Many aspiring candidates can come across your brand on IG and consider applying for the job (in case of you have job openings).
  9. Linking to website: You can add links to your website in IG bio, stories’ “swipe up” feature, and IGTV descriptions.

Did You Know?

👉 There are more than 25 million business accounts on Instagram.

👉 Over 130 million users engage with shopping posts on a monthly basis.

👉 About 66% of visits to business profiles come from users who don’t follow them yet.

👉 70% of consumers want to see brands they like taking a stand on social issues that are important to them.

👉 89% of marketers said that Instagram is the most important social media channel for influencer marketing.

What Type Of Content Performs Best On Instagram?

  • Actionable tips and tutorials: People love to gain knowledge and useful information through visual content. That’s the main reason educational content works well on Instagram
  • Behind-the-Scenes Content: BTS posts provides the look inside the company which helps followers to know a brand in a better way.
  • Community engagement posts: Images showing a brand’s participation in social service activities increase people’s trust in a brand.
  • User Generated Content: Posting content created by users generally results getting high engagement. UGC also proves authenticity of a brand.
  • Trendy or seasonal posts: People always love to engage with timely posts such as latest trends, special occasions.
  • Inspirational quotes: The inspiring content is evergreen on Instagram and it always gets high engagement.
  • Contests and giveaways: Contests and giveaways always attract people’s attention.
  • Influencer posts: Posts featuring influencers perform well. Collaborating with influencers has a positive impact and acts as a trust signal.

Type Of Instagram Posts

  • Single image posts: These posts consists of a single image. The ideal size of this type of images is 1080 x 1080px – Square image, 1080 x 608px- Landscape image, 1080 x 1350px – Portrait image.
Best 100+ Instagram Post Ideas For Your Business 1
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  • Multiple image posts: These posts consists of multiple images. These are also called carousel posts. The ideal image size is same as above. Here, you can share up to 10 images.
Best 100+ Instagram Post Ideas For Your Business 2
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  • Stories: Both images and videos can be posted in stories. It has plenty of features. It lasts only 24 hours after its posted. The ideal size of stories is 1080 x 1920px.
Best 100+ Instagram Post Ideas For Your Business 3
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  • IGTV: It is the video feature of Instagram. Users can upload long video content on IGTV. The Mobile devices allow uploads of up to 15 minutes in length and a file size of up to 650 MB, while PC web browsers allow uploads of up to 60 minutes with a file size of up to 3.6 GB. The ideal IGTV video size is 1080 x 1080px – Square Video, 1080 x 608px – Landscape video, 1080 x 1350px – Portrait video.
Best 100+ Instagram Post Ideas For Your Business 4
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  • Reels: It is a brand new feature added on Instagram. It allows to add short video content of up to 15 seconds from Instagram Stories.
Best 100+ Instagram Post Ideas For Your Business 5
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Instagram Post Ideas List

List of 100+ Instagram post ideas best suited for your business

Single/Carousel Post

  1. Tips: Share important tips related to your niche/industry.
  2. Hacks: Share useful hacks related to your niche/industry
  3. Myths: Talk about the big myths prevalent in your industry
  4. Industry Statistics: Share useful stats related to your niche/industry
  5. Facts: Share interesting and fun facts related to your niche/industry
  6. Quotes: Share motivational & inspiring quotes
  7. Puzzle: Post an interesting puzzle for your audience to solve.
  8. Challenge: Give your audience a challenge.
  9. This vs That: Compare 2 things and explain the key differences.
  10. Glossary: Share your industry glossary/terminology.
  11. Mistakes: List of mistakes to avoid in your niche.
  12. Advantages & disadvantages: Share advantages & disadvantages of doing something in your niche/industry.
  13. Do’s & Don’t: Explain the major do’s & don’t related to your industry/niche.
  14. Before & after: Share before and after images ( in case of using a product).
  15. Ask questions: Ask your audience interesting questions.
  16. Ask for feedback: Ask for your audience’s feedback on your products/services/content
  17. Fill in the blanks: Post interesting fill in the blanks.
  18. Holiday wishes: Wish your audience on special occasions.
  19. Famous people in your niche & their story: Share story of famous people in your niche/industry
  20. Explain a concept: Explain a concept in a simple way.
  21. Best books to read: A list of best books that your audience should read.
  22. Best tools to use: A list of best tools that your audience should use.
  23. Best blogs to read: A list of best blogs that your audience should follow & read.
  24. Best people to follow: A list of famous people that your audience should follow and take inspiration from.
  25. Best podcasts: A list of best podcasts that your audience should listen to.
  26. Contests: Host interesting contests for your followers to engage them.
  27. Giveaways: Host a giveaway every month.
  28. Checklists: Share useful checklists related to your niche/industry
  29. Meme: Post a funny meme to make your audience laugh.
  30. Client testimonials: Share a praise by your client.
  31. High quality product photos: Post photos of your products. Make sure they are of high quality.
  32. Visually appealing photos: Share beautiful images that are relevant to your business.
  33. User generated content: Post content created by your audience.
  34. Guest posts: Share posts created by other users.
  35. Ask me anything: Ask your audience to post their queries/questions for you to answer.
  36. Your favorite tools: Share a list of your favorite tools.
  37. Your favorite books: Share a list of your favorite books.
  38. Your favorite podcasts: Share a list of your favorite podcasts.
  39. Milestones: Share your personal and professional milestones with your audience.
  40. Throwbacks: Share a throwback post.
  41. Repost: Repost other users’ content and tag them.
  42. Promote a freebie/lead magnet: Promote your free products.
  43. Industry news/updates: Share your industry related latest news or updates.
  44. Your business updates: Share latest updates related to your business.
  45. Collaboration post: Collaborate with other people in your niche to create a useful post.
  46. Evolution of your industry/business: Show your industry’s or business’s evolution.
  47. Viral Trends: Utilize viral trends to post something useful for your audience.
  48. GIFs: Post interesting GIF content to grab your followers’ attention.
  49. Short videos: Share interesting short video content of up to 60 seconds. It can be a DIY content, motivational video, educational content, etc.
  50. Shoppable posts: Share photos of your products and add tags to the products in photos with links that leads users to your online store.


  1. Quizzes: Post interesting quizzes.
  2. New IG post: An Instagram post that you just shared.
  3. Best performing old posts: All old posts that have performed the best.
  4. Videos: Post a short video/teaser.
  5. New blog post: A blog post that you’ve just published on your website.
  6. Polls: Conduct polls related to your niche
  7. Others’ post: Share relevant posts by other people in your industry.
  8. Milestones: Share your personal or business milestones.
  9. Questions: Ask them interesting questions.
  10. Ask me anything: Encourage your audience to ask you questions.
  11. Sneak peak of upcoming post/product: Show a glimpse of an upcoming post or product.
  12. Shoutouts: A shoutout to your top supporters and your clients to celebrate their wins
  13. Quotes: Post motivational and inspiring quotes.
  14. Special deals/discounts: Share special deal or discount offers.
  15. Countdowns: Post a countdown to an upcoming important event.
  16. Flash sale: Show a flash sale on your products
  17. Product launch: Post an update on new product launch.
  18. Charities you’ve partnered with: Post about the charities you are associated with and encourage your audience to donate.
  19. BTS photos: Post behind the scenes photos.
  20. Contests and giveaways: Promote your contents and giveaways.
  21. Praise: Show the praise received from your followers/clients.
  22. Promote your business: Promote your products or services.
  23. Show off the office: Share pictures/videos of your office.
  24. Event updates : Share updates about events that you are going to attend or host.
  25. Media mentions: Share your press or media mentions.

Live videos

  1. Interview an influencer: Conduct an interview with influencers whom you have collaborated with to promote your products/services.
  2. Interview an industry leader: Conduct an interview with famous people in your industry/niche to impart knowledge to your audience.
  3. Interview your clients/customers: Conduct an interview with your past clients/customers to discuss their experience with your products/services.
  4. Q&A session: Conduct a question & answer session with your audience.
  5. Tour video: Show a tour of your office or trip to a place.
  6. Address problems faced by your audience: Talk about the major problems faced by your audience and provide the solutions.
  7. Announce a product or collection launch: Announce a new product or collection launch and explain all the details.
  8. A day in your life: Show your audience a typical day in your life.

Instagram TV (IGTV)

  1. Teach a concept: Post a tutorial about a particular topic.
  2. Solve a problem: Post solution to the problems faced by your audience.
  3. Product unboxing video: Post a video on unboxing a product.
  4. Tool reviews: Review a tool or software. Show how to use it.
  5. Book reviews: Review a book you have read.
  6. Client reviews: Feature your clients/customers to review your products/services.
  7. Latest(weekly/monthly) updates in your industry: Show a recap video of weekly/monthly updates in your niche/industry.
  8. Showcase your product(s): Show your products. Talk about their features and how to use them.
  9. Answer your client/audience’s queries: Answer major questions that your audience have.
  10. Behind the scene video: Post a behind the scene video.
  11. Show your customers using your products: Post a video showing your customers using your products.
  12. Share live video: Post a live video that you conducted in the past.
  13. Talk about your business milestones: Talk about the major achievements in your business.
  14. Introduce yourself & share your journey: Talk about yourself, your mission, and how you started your business.
  15. Introduce your team members: Introduce your team to your Instagram audience.
  16. Talk about the big struggles in your industry: Talk about the struggles you faced in your industry, how you overcame them. Give your audience a useful advice.
  17. Relevant YouTube videos: Share informative and interesting YouTube videos.
  18. Your office tour: Show your audience your office and your work routine.
  19. Share your experience about any recent event you attended: Share useful takeaways from an event you attended in the recent past.
  20. Your upcoming event: Talk about any upcoming event that you are hosting, and share its details.
  21. Thought leadership: Talk on your topics of interest. Share your thoughts and opinion in a positive way.
  22. How your products will help people: Talk about how your products/services are going to solve people’s problems.
  23. Why you started your business: Talk about your purpose behind starting your business and what you wish to accomplish.
  24. How to grow in your industry: Share useful tips on how to face challenges in your niche/industry and achieve growth.
  25. How to become an expert: Share important tips with your audience to guide them to gain expertise in your niche.
  26. Share experiences: Share the best, worst, and weirdest experiences you have ever had in your life or business.
  27. Explain how to use a product or a service: Show your audience how to use some product/service.
  28. Case study of a client: Share a case study of your past client whether it worked or not. Share the important lessons you learnt, and how you accomplished the tasks.


  1. Motivation: Post a motivational video.
  2. Sneak Peak: Share a glimpse of an upcoming product/post
  3. Funny: Post a funny video.
  4. Answer a question: Give a short answer to a question.
  5. Short tips: Share short interesting tips related to your niche
  6. Quick hacks: Share quick hacks related to your niche.
  7. Company updates: Share quick updates of your company.
  8. Products: Show off your products

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