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In order to rank website or blog higher on search engines, SEO is extremely important.  Besides doing the on-page SEO and off-page SEO for the website, it is essential to track whether our efforts are actually delivering the results. Over the internet, there are many tools to track the SEO. Most of those tools are paid and are quite expensive. Big companies or agencies can easily afford those expensive tools but small business owners with low budget, bloggers, and solo-preneurs cannot afford them. But, SE Ranking is a tool which is cost-effective especially for low-budget website owners, and has all the essential features.

Here, is the complete SE Ranking review.

I. Features

SE Ranking has all the features essential for analysing and managing a website.

SE Ranking has the following analysis tools:

1.SEO/PPC Competitor Research

seo/ppc competitor research
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This tool provides the complete analysis of a domain and is ideal to check competitor’s performance. It provides the data on following parameters:

a. Organic traffic research: It provides complete data on the organic keywords for which a website is ranking, any changes in the ranking, competitors, comparison with competitors, pages, and subdomains.

organic traffic
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b. Paid traffic research: It provides complete data on the paid keywords for which a website is ranking, any changes in the ranking, ad history (number of ads run in the past) competitors, comparison with competitors, pages, and subdomains.

c. Keyword research tool: It provides the data on any keyword that you put in the search bar. All the organic and paid results for that particular keyword are displayed.

d. Keyword suggestion tool: Any keyword can be searched and all the results like similar keywords, related keywords, and long-tail keywords are displayed.

2.Backlink Checker

All the backlinks of a particular website can be checked. It will load either all the backlinks or unique domain backlinks. You need to select the relevant option between the two. But SE Ranking recommends loading only the unique domain backlinks to avoid excessive data from the websites where links are sitewide or placed on multiple pages. Backlink checker feature cannot be be accessed on trial accounts. You need to pay for it.

3.On-page SEO Checker

On-page SEO audit will reveal errors that have a negative impact on the page’s ranking in search engines. SE Ranking will check how SEO-friendly a particular page towards your selected search query. You will be able to see all page errors ranging from petty to critical.

4.Keyword suggestions

This tool provides keyword ideas. It is same as the keyword suggestions tool in SEO/PPC Competitor Research.

5.Search Volume Checker

Search volume checker tool offers stats on the average search volume per month for the queries in Google. This data will help you to predict the traffic, evaluate the effectiveness of your semantic core and discover which keywords can be deleted so you are not wasting resources on promoting them.

6.Index Status Checker

This tool allows checking page indexing status in search engines.

7.Parameter Checker

You can check URLs/domains parameters with this tool.

8.Keyword Grouper

 You can group keywords based on SERPs results similarity. Keyword grouping allows distributing keywords wisely across the pages of the website which is particularly important for landing pages’ SEO and contextual advertising.

9.Website Audit

SE Ranking provides complete audit report of a website. Once the complete report is ready, it will be mailed to your mail id. You need to add the website before auditing it.

website audit
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10.Social Media Management

You can connect your Facebook accounts and Twitter accounts to SE Ranking. It provides user activity analysis and Users demographic data analysis. Auto-posting feature is also available.

11.Marketing Plan

Marketing plan offers two features:

a. To-Do List

marketing plan
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This feature provides a stepwise list of SEO things you should take into account while creating and optimizing your websites.

It is a step-by-step SEO guide useful in avoiding common mistakes in website optimization. It is extremely useful for people who are new to SE0 or for those have little experience.

b. Business Listings

This feature provides a suggested list of trusted directories and catalogues where your business can be potentially listed.

12.Backlink Monitoring

Using this tool, you can easily monitor all the backlinks of your website their main parameters and the parameters of the pages they direct to. If any link changes its status or is deleted you will receive a notification.

13.Lead Generator

Lead Generator is a webform for ordering a free on-page audit. You can place it on your website in order to convert more visitors into customers. After filling in the form, visitor obtains a deep and detailed on how well the page is optimized for a certain search query. And you get contacts of a potential client with an obvious interest in SEO.

It is done in three steps:

Choose the widget type and customize it: set the budget limit, select the shape, the color, the text and where you want to place it on your website

Embed the HTML-code to your website pages

Get notifications on new leads and turn them into your clients

This feature is only available in the Plus and the Enterprise plans

II. Pricing

SE Ranking offers four types of plans namely Personal, Optimum, Plus, Enterprise. It also offers a 14-day free trial.

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The subscription price depends upon the rank tracking frequency. There are three options available- daily tracking, tracking every 3 days, and tracking once-a-week. The last one costs the least. The minimum price is only $4.20/month. It is fairly priced for all kind of users ranging from bloggers to digital agencies.

all in one seo software
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III. Is the data on SE Ranking accurate?

Yes, it is accurate as it is taken directly from search engines.

IV. How is it compared to other SEO tools like SEMrush, Moz, Ahrefs, etc?

All these are big market players as compared to SE ranking and are somewhat superior to it in terms of features and popularity. But, SE ranking is catching up with them.  The major plus point is that it is quite cheap as compared to all other leading SEO tools. It is charging a minimum of $4.20/month as compared to $82/month charged by other tools.

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SE Ranking is cost-effective software which provides essential tools needed to analyse a website. SE Ranking has all the features which a blogger or small business owner or a digital agency would need. So, it is a must-have tool especially for people, with low-budget, who are serious about their business/website/agency.

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