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As online crowd is increasing, SEO is becoming extremely competitive. Every year there are new changes and trends in the online world. It is important to keep oneself updated otherwise be ready to face the loss. Podcasts are the latest trends in the SEO world. Creating podcasts can really benefit your website’s SEO. Let’s understand what is a podcast in detail….

I. What is a podcast?

Podcast is a digital audio file which contains a series of episodes. It is available on the Internet and users can download it on their computers or mobile devices.

Podcasts are also known as on-demand internet radio talks.

Podcasts are the audio recording of conversation between a host and a guest speaker(s). A single person can also make a podcast to share his/her opinions, any tips, information, etc.

An entire blog article can also be converted into a podcast as many people prefer to listen than to read something.

You can create podcasts on variety of topics. It largely depends on your business/website niche.

II. What is podcasting?

Podcasting is the practice of making podcasts. Podcasting follows a subscription based model. In it, the new episodes are automatically downloaded to the subscriber’s device.

III. Podcast statistics In 2019

1. Currently, there are over 750,000 podcasts.

2. There are over 525,000 active shows and over 18.5 million episodes. (Source: FastCompany)

3. 51% (144 million) of the US population has listened to a podcast (It has increased from 44% in 2018. (Source: Infinite Dial 19)

4. 22% (62 million) of the US population listen to podcasts weekly (increased from 17% in 2018. (Source: Infinite Dial 19)

5. 50% of all US homes are podcast fans.

6. 49% of podcast listening is done at home and 22% listen while driving.

7. Comedy is the most popular podcasting genre, followed by education and news.

8. Podcast listeners are much more active on every social media channel.

what is a podcast and podcast statistics
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Podcast Statistics. Image Source- podcastinsights.com

IV. How to create a podcast?

Creating a podcast is very easy. You just need to do the following.

1. Plug a microphone into your computer.

2. Install audio recording software on your computer system. For e.g. Audacity, Easy Recorder V5, etc.

3. Start recording and create an audio file. Save it on your computer.

4. Now, upload the audio file on podcasting sites. You can embed podcasts on your own site as well.

The best podcast hosting sites are as follows:

  1. Buzzsprout
  2. Transistor
  3. Podbean
  4. Simplecast
  5. Castos

V. What are the characteristics of a good podcast?

If you are making a podcast then you should make sure that it is well made. A podcast which doesn’t provide value to your audience will be of no use. People would neither be interested in listening to it till the end nor will they share it with someone else.

There are certain factors which can help you in making your podcast good and valuable. They are as follows:

  1. You should carefully choose the subject of your podcast. The subject should be your area of interest or expertise so that you can provide value to your listeners/audience.
  2. In your podcast you should use engaging and conversational tone. It would not be wise to use complex and hard to understand content. Listeners should be able to connect with it as soon as they start listening to it.
  3. In your podcast, you should provide authentic information to your listeners. Also, you should provide clear explanation.
  4. You should invite guest speakers for your podcasts. The guest speakers should be expert in their field. For e.g. if you are making podcasts on health and wellness then your guest speaker should be a doctor or dietician, etc.
  5. You can also seek opportunities to interview on other’s podcasts.
  6. The content of your podcast should be well planned. Deviating from the main topic and providing irrelevant information to the listeners won’t be of any use to you.
  7. The length of a podcast should not be very long. An average podcast lasts for about 30 minutes. Generally, people prefer to listen to the podcasts which are less than 16 minutes in length. But, it mainly depends on the topic. If podcast is on a trending topic then longer podcasts can perform exceptionally well.

VI. What are the uses of podcast?

Podcast can be created on variety of topics and can be used for number of purposes as:

  1. It can be used for talk shows.
  2. It can be used for storytelling.
  3. It can be used for interviews.
  4. It can be used for teaching something (tutorials)
  5. It can be used for music shows/songs/tunes.

VII. What are the advantages of podcasts?

Podcasts have a lot of potential in providing benefits to a business. Many businesses have started to use podcasts as a marketing method. In fact, many people have started their own podcast business and are earning handsomely.

Following are the advantages podcasts provide to a business:

  1. Podcasts help in building better relationship with the audience. If podcasts are conversational and engaging in nature, audience would connect with it instantly which will help build trust.
  2. Podcasts are easy to create and it is a cost effective marketing method for businesses. Podcasts can be promoted on different platforms and will help in increasing the brand awareness.
  3. They are an effective alternative to videos. Videos form the crucial part of marketing strategy for any business but it’s not easy to create videos. Video creating software is very expensive and may not fit well in the company’s budget. So, in that case podcasts prove to be extremely useful as they are easy and free to create.
  4. Podcasts help in increasing the traffic to the website and can help in improving the site’s SEO.
  5. Podcasts help in retaining the audience on a website. As podcasts are engaging and provide information to the audience, they can hook audience’s attention for longer period of time.

VIII. What are the types of podcasts?

Podcasts are of the following types:

1. Audio Podcasts: These are in audio only format. Audio podcasts can be either in MP3 format or AAC format (Advanced Audio Coding- It is the successor of the MP3 and provides better sound quality than MP3 at the same bit rate). Audio podcasts are easy to create and are small in size.

2. Enhanced podcasts: These podcasts combine audio podcast with synced images, just like a narrated slideshow. Enhanced podcasts are audio files in .m4a format (mp4 or AAC format), with a layer for embedding the synced images. These podcasts provide both audio and video content. The size of enhanced podcasts is similar to audio podcasts.

3. Video podcasts: These are also known as vodcasts. Video podcasts contain short video clips. These podcasts are often used in Web Television series. Video podcasts are extremely beneficial for businesses when it comes to their brand awareness, product promotion, etc. Video podcasts are easy to make and are cost-effective.

IX. What is the importance of podcast in SEO?

Creating a podcast is very beneficial in improving the SEO of a website. It’s an effective marketing method for a business/brand.

Podcasts are important for SEO in number of ways:

  1. They can help in providing organic backlinks to your site. When you feature in someone else’s podcast then the host of that podcast will always provide a “show notes” page which includes summary info, links to your website, select social media, etc.
  2. Podcasts help in improving the audience dwell time on your site which in turn will improve the ranking of your website. Usually, people prefer to listen than to read. So, embedding a podcast on your website will help you to improve your website’s SEO.
  3. Podcasts are audio blogs. You can repurpose or convert your blog articles into podcasts. You can update Meta descriptions and Meta titles, and use targeted keywords. You can either create a stand-alone audio blog or embed podcasts in your blog posts.
  4. You can earn a lot of traffic on your website by promoting the podcasts on various channels. It will help you in gaining the link juice and improve your website’s SEO.

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By now, you must have understood the basics of a podcast and its importance. Now is the time to start creating your own podcasts and harness its benefits.

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